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炫动视觉设计 官方网站正式上线

热烈庆祝公司官方网站正式开通投入使用!经过公司网络部门全体成员的共同努力,公司官方网站终于圆满地成功上线! 网站是企业的

      网站永久性域名为 域名中的HZXD是我司名称“杭州炫动”的首字母拼写,而CG(Computer Graphics,简称CG)  代表公司立足的领域(计算机图形图像、多媒体 动画)
       Warmly celebrate the company's official website officially opened in use! Through the joint efforts of all members of the network department, the company's official website finally successfully launched successfully!
       Web site is the second card of the enterprise, is the enterprise display image window, playing the role of communication with the customer plays a very important role.
       HZXD in permanent domain name for site: domain name is our company name "hangzhou xuan action" the first letter of spelling, and CG (Computer Graphics, hereinafter referred to as CG) on behalf of the company based on the field (Computer Graphics, multimedia animation)